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Bo by Suzanne Karsters

During the first episode of the 100 Day Warrior (in Sept 2014) I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Bo is the second of the 100 Day Warrior IV to answer them. Want to know what the others said too? Before Bo went Carolien and Julia, and Suzanne who joined a previous edition. But now please read about Bo’s experience:

1. What were your expectations from the 100 Day Warrior? And have they been met?

I met Atalwin on a Sunday when we helped my sister Erika move. She had participated in the first edition of the 100 Day Warrior. (Read Erika’s story here, A.P.) While we were awaiting a new load of furniture to arrive with the van he told me all about the his 100 Day Spiritual Warrior program, a little bit different and less expensive version of the program my sister had done. The next day I called him up and asked him some more questions. I wanted to know if and how the program could help me find more balance in my daily life. Initially I was only interested in the meditation aspect of the program but Atalwin convinced me to give the whole course a shot. And so I did! I haven’t regretted it ever since! I consider the 100 Day Warrior programs as big, massively effective cleanup tools that can truly benefit everybody! Attending the first group meeting felt like a revelation to me. Never before I was in such an inspiring environment with such openhearted, sincere and diverse people! It felt great. The only expectation I really had beforehand was that the program would bring me change; change in my way of thinking, change in my way of eating, change in the way I saw myself. And yes, my expectations have been met! After 100 days I can honestly say I’ve changed a lot and I’m so happy with the changes the program brought me!

2. How does the 100 Day Warrior affect you?

The program had a very positive effect on me and my behaviour. I’m no longer postponing my daily activities. Nowadays I’m approaching my life very much ‘hands on’. The biggest changes were hugely increased productivity and motivation. I now use my energy to my benefit instead of finding ways to escape my responsibility.

3. How long before you started experiencing results?

I remember going to break dancing practice after my first week on the new diet; my body was still missing a lot of the food it was used to. I remember going all out and my body couldn’t keep up. Two weeks into the 100 Day Warrior program I went back to practice, this time with a banana and half a liter of water. I felt like I had drunk 10 cans of Red Bull. The natural energy that gradually starts to flow back into your body is really something else!

4. What was your biggest misconception of the 100 Day Warrior?

When I signed up I felt that 100 days was too long. I wasn’t so happy with that. But as the program unfolded I realized that 100 days is actually a very short time, given the amount of wisdom you attain and the progress you make in 3 months. In a very short time I received tools and insights that will last for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to everybody.

5. What impressed you most so far?

My own willpower. I have realized that I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it. It’s all in the mind.

6. What was most challenging, scary or demanding?

The biggest challenge was to start being true to myself and to stop postponing my daily activities and responsibilities. After I surrendered to the course and  ‘The Warrior’s Way’ stuff  just didn’t feel so scary or demanding anymore. I just did it. I was fully committed to the course.

7. What is your biggest revelation until now?

The 100 Day Spiritual Warrior is designed as a journey through various aspects of life. Every week has a different theme. It is flabbergasting to find out that EVERY theme is playing a part in your life too, without exceptions. It is often confrontational to accept yourself in every form you can possibly be, including all the vulnerabilities and not so pretty aspects. But after being confronted with yourself during the session you feel your soul elevating and you notice that you have become warmer and more compassionate with yourself. Something has healed.

8. Which part of the 100 Day Warrior program would you rather have started 10 years ago?

Since I’m 27 I think I started the program at a very good point in my life. I don’t think it would have been/made such a big impact on my life when I was 17. The last 5 years of my life were really hard on a mental level. The 100 Day Warrior program helped me understand my own feelings and behaviour a lot more. I’m more centred than ever before.

9. How does the 100 Day Warrior serve you in daily life and work?

The 100 Day Warrior program helped me get more structure in my life. I really found out that you are what you eat and that your body is your temple and you need to nurture it in every way, making sure you sleep enough everyday, eat a lot and eat healthy, stay true to your daily meditation, but most important staying true to your OWN belief system.

10. Does the 100 Day Warrior have an impact on the way you relate to your life?

My perspective of life really changed a lot, one of the biggest things I always managed to do was care about others more than myself. Since the 100 days I’ve started to listen a lot more to my inner desires and and I have learned to being okay with what I’m feeling no matter what.

11. What do you expect from the 100 Day Warrior in the long run?

A lasting passion for life, appreciation of the small things in life and the ongoing cultivation of an honest voice that speaks from the heart. A lot less pleasing people of people because I am afraid to speak up. 🙂

12. What does the term ‘warrior’ mean to you?

Being a Warrior means being committed to my ‘true self’, facing my inner fears and tears and never giving up on life. Being a Warrior means you get to start over again every single day to make the most of it.

13. What is your wish for the future?

I wish to stay true to life and this planet, to look after other people without betraying my own soul purpose and to keep on learning. We are all students of the game of life and will never be done learning from each other.


Bo van de Meent (27) is a proud father, an avid breakdancer and an aspiring graphic designer. He has disarming enthusiasm, touching integrity and impressive flexibility. Soon he will be entering the world of professional creativity. If you would like to hire a young gun who knows about Service Design, Concepting and Value Proposition Design please click here.

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