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During the first episode of the 100 Day Warrior (in Sept 2014) I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Douwe is the sixth of the 100 Day Warrior IV to answer them. Want to know what the others said too? Before Douwe went Carolien, NinaBo and Julia, and Suzanne who joined a previous edition and shot the beautiful portrait above. But now please read about Douwe’s experience:

1. What were your expectations from the 100 Day Warrior? And have they been met?

I didn’t have too many expectations. I tried to approach this ‘project’ with an as open mind as possible. I had my eye on the course for a while and the holistic approach spoke to me. The combination of meditation, strength training and nutrition sounded promising. I’ve done something remotely similar in the personal development department in the past and that was a good experience. Now, with my 40th birthday and my wedding coming up, seemed a good time to ‘get ready’ for the next phase of my life.

2. How does the 100 Day Warrior affect you? 

I have found a calmness that I didn’t have before. Before I started the 100 Day Warrior my life was very hectic and that hecticness was also a part of me. Now I have created a structure for myself that makes it easier to deal with the daily demands. My relationship with my live has become easier.

3. How long before you started experiencing results? 

Directly! Meditation gave me a sense of peace that I didn’t expect to come that quickly. The realization that nobody is perfect and that we are all imperfect was an eye opener. I clearly saw that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be lovely. Apparently I had somehow forgotten that and needed to see that again.

Strenght training and diet also impacted my body immediately. I wasn’t out of shape completely when I started the course; I like sports. During the first weeks I lost a lot of weight, which got me almost worried. But it was fascinating to see how fat transformed into muscle and to become stronger every week.

 4. What was your biggest misconception of the 100 Day Warrior? 

I had assumed that the program would cost me more time that it would give me. I was still struggling a bit with the time management in the first two weeks. But then it shifted completely! I really started to enjoy the rhythm and the structure and instead of losing time I felt I was gaining efficiency. Clarity and vitality translated into having more quality hours in a day.

5. What impressed you most so far? 

There were so many impressive moments, I find it hard to name one. For me the 3 day meditation retreat that we did halfway the program was a milestone. It was filled with new insights and moments of quiet reflection. Being halfway into the program brought a sense of the growth I had already achieved and where I wanted to go.

In general I was very impressed by the very profound experiences I had occasionally during the Sunday morning meditation sessions with the group. Also the openness of the group was something that really struck me.

6. What was most challenging, scary or demanding? 

The task of combining family, work and the 100 Day Warrior program sounded demanding at first and I was concerned about the expected reactions of people around me. It’s strange but I was most afraid of what others would think of me doing this project. To my surprise and relief everybody around me reacted solely in a positive way! Somehow I wasn’t expecting that.

7. What is your biggest revelation until now? 

That I found a sense of calmness that I never had before. And when I radiate this peace to the people around me they reflect it back to me. What you are able to give comes back to you. That is a big insight.

8. Which part of the 100 Day Warrior program would you rather have started 10 years ago? 

It’s bit lame to say but: everything. Although I also strongly feel that the 100 Day Warrior came into my life at exactly the right moment. I needed this boost on the verge of turning 40. Ten years ago I still might have been too immature are just not ready yet but now the timing was perfect.

9. How does the 100 Day Warrior serve you in daily life and work? 

Decision making has gotten easier, it costs me less effort. And what I said under question 7: what you are able to give comes back to you. I feel younger; not just physically but also internally. I’m 40 but I don’t feel 40. It is not a vanity thing, it is about a feeling of freedom.

The 100 Day Warrior has made me a better father and husband. I have become more accepting and I look at things differently. I feel that I have grown closer to my children and my wife. I used to live fast in a fast moving world, nowadays I feel present at the center of my own life.

10. Does the 100 Day Warrior have an impact on the way you relate to your life? 

Yes, and I feel it shows up in the little things: from the way I respond to email to the way I care for my loved ones and my surroundings. Not in my wildest dreams I would have expected that I would develop a caring for my garden and that I would find peace by working with my hands. I have learned to appreciate the everyday activities that allow body and mind to meet. I feel a quality of non-judgment that has given me an eye for the naturalness of life.

11. What do you expect from the 100 Day Warrior in the long run? 

I expect to be able to fall back on the tools I received when complicated life situations occur. Also, I feel that I found new people that I dare to ask for help in case I need it. And when I turn 50 I hope to feel as if I’m 40 because I am feeling really awesome now and hope to still feel this way in 10 years from now.

12. What does the term ‘warrior’ mean to you? 

A Warrior is someone who gives and shares from a place of awareness and compassion, who listens from that place and has the courage to speak from that place. A Warrior is never done learning.

13. What is your wish for the future? 

I wish more people have the chance to participate in this experience and maintain the growth provided by the 100 Day Warrior. For myself I wish continuation and deepening of this path. This wasn’t a beginning and it is certainly not the end. I wish to continue growing as a human being and to continue opening my heart.


Douwe van den Broek (40) loves his wife, his two sons and.. the game of football. He is a not only a professional and trusted real estate agent but also one of the co-producers of the infrequent but notorious KOEL parties. Douwe is an intelligent, sincere man with a great sense of humour; if you are looking for a real estate agent with a heart click here and if you like to let your hair down sometimes feel free to like this Facebook page.

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