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During the first episode of the 100 Day Warrior (in Sept 2014) I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Joan is the fifth of the 100 Day Warrior IV to answer them. Want to know what the others said too? Before Joan went Carolien, NinaBo and Julia, and Suzanne who joined a previous edition and shot the beautiful portrait above. But now please read about Joan’s experience:

1. What were your expectations from the 100 Day Warrior? And have they been met?

During the last five years I had worked too hard. I wasn’t feeling fit and I had gained a lot of weight. I wanted to do something, to make a step in my life. Then I ran into Marjan, who will be my new neighbor in our sustainable living project SchoonSchip. I knew she was doing the 100 Day Warrior and I asked her if the program was something for me. I felt such a big need to have a clear mind and to be comfortable in my body again.

Yes, they have been met. Better yet, I got more than I expected. It was beyond my expectations that I would come out of the program feeling so calm and centered. I also did not expect the emotional growth; the ability to observe myself without judgment and identifying and overcoming patterns.

2. How does the 100 Day Warrior affect you? 

I feel centered and at peace. I am more at ease in situations that I used to experience as uncomfortable. I feel stronger, physically and emotionally. I no longer carry negative beliefs about my body. Instead of disliking my body I have learned to appreciate it. I became lighter in the broadest sense. I didn’t just lose body fat; I also lost a lot of emotional baggage. I feel so much lighter, literally and metaphorically.

3. How long before you started experiencing results? 

It took 2 to 3 weeks. During the 21 day reset I lost so much weight , I was astounded and so happy. Strength started to flow back into my body and my first steps in the meditation practice gave me a sense of calm. These effects influenced my work quite immediately. I noticed I had more overview and I experienced less stress. I became less reactive and more responsive and balanced.

4. What was your biggest misconception of the 100 Day Warrior? 

I was afraid I would find strength training and hauling with weights tedious and I thought wouldn’t stick to the routine. But secretly I love it! At times I find it hard to admit but I really, really enjoy it! Especially when I train with my trainer Jorn. He is amazing.

5. What impressed you most so far? 

One of the most impressive things to witness was the shift in the group process. It is hard to explain; it was really magical. While we were strangers to each other first it felt as if there was a particular moment where we realized as a group that were all in the same boat. We were all on the same journey inwards although we all had our individual experience too. By sharing what we were seeing and feeling we all learned from each other and you could feel and witness the growth in everybody.

Another impressive and unexpected outcome was that the things I learned during the 100 days would change my life habits. I have found a new routine. Clean eating, working out, meditation: it has become a part of my life.

6. What was most challenging, scary or demanding? 

Most challenging: progressively training heavier and heavier and every time discovering that you are stronger than you think.

Scariest: learning to be vulnerable in a group (and not the parachute jump even)

Most demanding: learning to become disciplined in the diet

7. What is your biggest revelation until now? 

I have become a better and perhaps even more kind and pleasant version of myself! And a more laid back version! And a slimmer version! All my pants are fitting again, even old jeans from way back in my university days! 🙂

Also, my back had been hurting me every single day since 2013 and my backache has decreased greatly since I started the 100 Day Warrior program.

8. Which part of the 100 Day Warrior program would you rather have started 10 years ago? 

Nothing, because I don’t think I would have been ready for it back then. There is a time and a place for everything, I guess.

9. How does the 100 Day Warrior serve you in daily life and work? 

I move better, I have less backache, I eat differently which makes me feel more alive. Meditation makes me more aware of the world around me. I am more present and less reactive. I experience less stress and feel more centered.

10. Does the 100 Day Warrior have an impact on the way you relate to your life? 

It feels as if I have traded ‘walls’ for muscles. Having less walls (‘head’) but more muscles (‘body’) gives me a more direct experience of life. Less clouded, more real. I am closer to life, it seems.

11. What do you expect from the 100 Day Warrior in the long run? 

I expect that I will continue my newfound life routine and I expect that the Warrior community will stay together and that we as a tribe will continue to be a source for inspiration and support for each other

12. What does the term ‘warrior’ mean to you? 

A Warrior is a human being who lives from this compassionate life force. Setbacks don’t make him recoil or lose faith. A Warrior doesn’t avoid confrontation with fear or vulnerability. He takes the driver’s seat of his life.

13. What is your wish for the future? 

I hope to make a positive contribution to the world and the people around me by making the world a prettier place. With prettier I also mean more sustainable and sincere.


Joan Kramer (44) is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion and expertise in sustainability. She compares a can-do energy with kindness and charisma and is more inspiring than she takes credit for. Check out her company GeWoonboot, a uniquely sustainable floating location in Amsterdam.

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