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The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.”

– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Meet Atalwin Pilon, your trusted companion and guide on life-changing journeys to the inside.Atalwin by Pablo Delfos

In March 2004 something extraordinary happened to Atalwin. He woke up to his True Self. ‘What the hell does that mean?’, you may ask. Apparently extremely stressful and painful circumstances can lead up to a cathartic moment where a human being breaks through his masks and shields. This is what happened.

It is literally a mind-blowing realization: to find out that there is a person hiding under your identity that you have never met before. That person is you, but more whole, complete, caring and loving than you ever were. He understands why you were hiding, he knows what you are afraid of and he doesn’t judge. Instead he encourages you to come out. You are ok and he loves you.

Imagine being relieved from a huge load you have been carrying as long as you can remember. Simultaneously somebody takes a pair of goggles from your face that turn out to be rubbed with vaseline. You never knew that you could take off the goggles! You never knew you could drop the burden! Clear vision! Lightness! Moving freely! What an enormous relief! This is what happened to Atalwin. And it is your birthright too.

Most of us live like life is a contest about who functions best given the limitations of the heavy burden and the blurry goggles. Imagine the damage burdened and blinded creatures will do if they feel chased. The idea that winning the race is the goal is a painful and destructive delusion. Life is about finding personal freedom and contributing to the growth and liberation of others. This truth was revealed to Atalwin in 2004 and this is what he has been sharing and deepening ever since.

A bit of background:

Atalwin (1971) studied Communication at the University of Amsterdam, graduated in ’98, received a Masters degree and became a marketing strategist. He was fascinated with contemporary culture, post modernism, consumer theories, branding, conceptual and creative thinking, advertising and predicting trends and developments. He owned different businesses in  the advertising industry and in the night life industry. This was all before the above mentioned awakening in March 2004.

After March 2004 the process of deepening, integration and practice started. Atalwin started studying with different Zen masters, reconnected with martial arts and studied with Dennis Genpo Merzel roshi to become a facilitator. Basic Goodness was founded in 2007 and become a vehicle for coaching, training and innovation. In January 2012 Atalwin left Amsterdam to go on an 18 month pilgrimage around the world, field testing his insights by challenging all his comfort zones. During his journey he gave workshops in more than 12 countries, was the first life coach ever to enter Baghdad, studied yoga and tantra in India, practiced several martial arts like aikido (in Tel Aviv), kali sikaram (in Beirut) and krav maga (in San Francisco) and attended many shamanic ceremonies in Colombia and Peru.


Atalwin is a gifted communicator who is able to explain seemingly difficult esoteric concepts in a very sensible way. As a facilitator or a coach he will guide clients through sensitive terrain with compassion, patience and confidence helping them discover hidden potential. His participants will broaden their horizons, embrace new perspectives and feel deeply connected as human beings. Atalwin will teach clients how and why to develop personal leadership and how to integrate that in life and work. Last but not least he is a skilled mindfulness meditation teacher.

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