What happens when we consciously add basic goodness to the innovation process? That’s what I’m interested in.

The Heartful Innovation Process is a process where I lead the participants beyond their perceived barriers and limitations to a deeper place inside to innovate from. We let the ideas come from a transcendental place which is per definition vaster than our limited rational mind and constricted ego. In simple terms: we dig so deep that what comes up is really pure and honest, not tainted by our greed or fear. The outcomes can be quite astonishing: always authentic, sustainable, contributing to the whole and fulfilling a true need. If that triggers you, you can hire me.

Anyone can participate. It is not necessary to be a professional creative. We need a question or a problem, a room, some time and a group of more or less open and curious minds, that’s all. What’s beautiful about the Heartful Innovation Process is that participants will grow as human beings during the work and will leave inspired instead of drained, regardless of the result.

Let me tell you a little bit about the background of the Heartful Innovation Process. Like many other people with a creative mind I used to think that I was gifted, that my mind was just some kind of special compared to that of an ordinary guy. And the reason why you should hire me was because of my giftedness. Every success was a confirmation of my beliefs and a valid excuse for my ego to inflate a bit more.

Then I had the transformational experience that I described on the About Atalwin page. Since that moment I don’t care so much about my own ego anymore. Instead of competing for the coolest idea, participating in brainstorms that always turn into pissing contests I got interested in creating a process where all the participants can tap into the wisdom of the collective. When we allow ourselves to connect our hearts with our minds and interlock all the hearts and minds available,  we can create a stream of consciousness that will lead us to the outcome that is meant to be. I call this way of working the Heartful Innovation Process.

It is my wish to play a role in the conception of many great ideas and projects that contribute to the creation of a sustainable, harmonious and healthy society.