100 Day Warrior Premium

Photography by Jay Horton

Photography by Jay Horton

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever was.

 – Margaret Mead

You could do almost anything with just five people. With only one person it is hard –but when you put that one person with four or five more, you have a force to contend with. All of a sudden you have enough momentum to make almost anything that’s immanent, or within reach, actually real.

– Peter Senge

The 100 Day Warrior is a highly successful and unique experiment around physical strength, clarity of mind and soul purpose. Are you interested in becoming the best version of you? Both physically and spiritually? You can sign up now! Wanna join?

The next editions of the 100 Day Warrior Programs

start on September 14th, 15th & 19th of 2018!

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  • Are you perceived as talented, creative, successful and smart?
  • Perhaps ‘they’ even call you visionary?
  • But still, something seems to be lacking?
  • Do you quite often feel overworked, rushed, somewhat anxious or stressed?
  • Do you find it sometimes hard to experience your contribution to life as truly meaningful?
  • Do you like the idea of being strong, fit, healthy, mentally clear, open and wise?

Answered with yes 3 times or more? Do you live in Amsterdam or Utrecht or close enough? Then we might be looking for you! We are recruiting 3-4 groups of 8-9 people who are ready to train mind and body simultaneously. We are looking for diverse human beings who share the desire to become the best version of themselves.

100 Day Warrior Premium 

Is this you?

You are a professional. You have worked perhaps a bit too hard for a bit too long. Or way too hard for way too long. You are out of shape but would love to get back into shape. Your life is busy but you crave less stress, more clarity and more inner peace. Deep down you know that you can feel and look a lot better than how you look and feel now. The idea of becoming the best version of yourself both physically and spiritually appeals to you. You like to work with the best people in the field of spiritual and physical development.

And would you like this?

Inner peace, personal growth, fat loss, body recomposition, increased muscle mass, more stamina, more focus, clarity of mind, improved relationships with friends, co-workers and loved ones, improved parenting skills, increased strength and many others benefits.

Then we can offer you this:

  • 15 meditation classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings (Friday evenings in Utrecht)
    • 13 ‘regular’ sessions
    • session 8 is an amazing 3 day Warrior Weekend Retreat at Landgoed Venwoude*
    • session 15 is a special closing ceremony**
    • a manual
    • guided meditations on mp3
    • a total 60+ hours of meditation training
  • 39 individual training sessions
    • Structural Balance
    • Strength Training
    • Cardio Vascular Conditioning
  • 7 life coaching sessions with Atalwin (Amsterdam) or Michiel (Utrecht)
  • Gym membership
  • Nutrition Protocols and Coaching
  • Progress Measurement
  • Invitation to 100 Day Warrior’s Private Facebook Community

The 100 Day Warrior Premium program consists of intense strength training, an intensive meditation course, cardio vascular training, team building, leadership development and strict dietary protocols. You will be closely monitored, guided and supported by a team of professionals.

Costs: €4.950,- (VAT included)

That is 100+ hours of intensive coaching for only € 4090,90 without tax, or € 40,09 per day to change your life.

* Meals and lodging at Landgoed Venwoude are not included in the price but all the workshops and others sessions during the retreat are. You will receive a separate invoice shortly before the retreat based on the room you choose (private or shared).

**As a group we can decide to make the closing ceremony into something very special. Special extra-curricular activities are not included in the price. Want to see what the previous group did? Check out this vid!


Why your transformation is of vital importance

The 100 Day Warrior offers you an intense experience of growth and transformation. You will change and you will be amazed! Internal Day - zazenThe idea of fitness, clarity, inner peace and strength probably speaks to you. Who doesn’t want to feel amazing, right? But what you might not conceive yet is how important it is that we become more courageous. Our world is dominated by greed and fear and we need inspiring leaders. Our world needs vital people with bright minds and open hearts.  You might think that participating in the 100 Day Warrior is the best thing you can do for yourself. But actually, devoting yourself to a path of taking care of yourself, others and planet is the best thing you can do for the world.


What Warrior training feels like

You will train at least 3 times per week, with a highly skilled personal trainer if you sign up for the 100 Day Warrior Premium. You will learn to meditate and you will do our meditation practice every day. Every week you meet with your group for spiritual practice. You will receive personal guidance bi-weekly. You share a commitment to purifying body, mind and soul. We don’t drink alcohol, we don’t do drugs and we will learn to eat exactly what our bodies need. During the course you will start feeling great. And your fellow Warriors are changing too. Our bodies will change. Our hearts will open. We will become really close. We will start to feel tremendously strong.


Start and finish

100 Day Warrior Premium: We start September 14th (Utrecht) or 15th and 19th (Amsterdam) and we finish all together on December 25th in Amsterdam.

100 Day Warrior RAW: Same dates as mentioned above apply.

(To be able to cater also to people who are younger and/or already have solid athletic foundation we created the 100 Day Warrior RAW.  For those who want the full monty and/or need or prefer the guidance of a personal trainer we have the 100 Day Warrior Premium.)


The birth of a tribe

After 100 days we have become a very special and inspiring group of talented friends. We have become a tribe of Warriors. We are the change we envision. Together we have developed the confidence, the courage and the strength to blend our creative and entrepreneurial talent with our wisdom and compassion.  Surely we now possess all ingredients necessary to make truly meaningful contributions to society, don’t we? Now let’s do it.


And? Does this speak to you?

Yes, and I want to know more!