Coaching of Teenagers and Young Adults

Coaching teenagers and young adults from Amsterdam and around the world, offering them new perspectives and helping them connect with their potential as human beings.

Sometimes life can be quite a challenge. Sometimes our struggles start at a fairly young age. Guidance and coaching for teenagers and young adults can make a big difference. You are not alone. And if you are a parent with a struggling son or daughter: you are not alone either. Our coaching for teenagers and young adults can make life easier for both parties. The sooner you become empowered to live the life you want the more you get out of it. Would you like to learn how to manoeuvre through live and find out what your direction is? Send me an email or call me. I will not let you down.

How can teenagers and young adults benefit from coaching by Basic Goodness?

During our years as an adolescent we find ourselves shaping our identity. This can be quite a difficult and confusing process. Often we feel alone, misunderstood and have the feeling that everybody is against us. We rebel against authorities, we get in trouble, we fall in love for the first time and we are very concerned about what our peers think of us. Basic Goodness offers you guidance and trust and will help you find your own way.

Why I like coaching teenagers and young adults

Coaching teenagers and young adults is for me a way to teach young people the stuff that I’ve never been taught when I had their age and wasted my time on being stubborn. The sooner you learn to see through your own mechanisms, the faster your personality will mature. I will help you find your blind spots and help them integrate in your personality. When you are a teenager or young adult my coaching will help you become more complete, more real as a human being. I will show you a path towards adulthood and authenticity.

About coaching teenage girls and young women

Firstly: I will never turn down somebody who asks for my help, no matter what your gender is. But I believe that for a girl who is on her way to become a woman it is better to talk to a woman. There can be exceptions. On some topics it’s just hard to find somebody who understands you. Sometimes I encounter experiences that are so traumatic not many coaches or therapists can handle them, sometimes somebody had mystical or spiritual experiences that aren’t understood by many. Or you might just like my style. In any case I will do my best to help. Also, I might be able to refer you to a female coach I trust.

How about coaching teenagers and young adults from outside Amsterdam? Let’s Skype!

I’m a coach that lives in Amsterdam. To have face to face contact you need to live close by. But once we have established some sort of connection in the flesh or you live far away and like me as your coach Skype is great. Only difference is that you will need to pay for your session in advance. If you live, study or work outside Amsterdam and prefer your coaching sessions at your place, that’s negotiable too.