Family Coaching

Family Coaching in Amsterdam and around, restoring harmony and creating understanding through the generations.

We all try to live our lives as good as we can. We create ideas about what is the best way and we tend to cling to those ideas. In the context of a family this can lead to clashes. Some members of the family might have different ideas and opinions then others. Basic Goodness’ Family Coaching can contribute to the restoration of harmony and mutual understanding. It’s just a matter of figuring out where the blind spots are. Every person has them, every team has them and certainly every family has them because they are inheritable. Our Family Coaching can make life easier for all the members involved. Would you like to learn more about Family Coaching and find out what your options are? Send me an email or call me. I am looking forward to meet the crowd.

Who will benefit from Family Coaching by Basic Goodness?

Basic Goodness Family Coaching specialises in creating family units were every family member feels an important and respected member of the team.  The aim is to get every member to enjoy their family life and yet have quality life outside family with friends and peer groups.  Prioritising what is important and how to achieve family-peer group balance is essential part of the Family Coaching sessions.

How about Family Coaching for families from outside Amsterdam?

Ideally, Family Coaching takes place in your living room. As a coach that lives in Amsterdam it’s more convenient to do Family Coaching with families who live in or around Amsterdam too. But if you my style really appeals to you and you don’t live excessively far I will drive over.  Because in the case of Family Coaching Skype is not really an option. This type of coaching needs to be done face to face.