Inner Warrior Journey

Team Journeys by Basic Goodness will boost the confidence and improve the performance of all your team members. Basic Goodness will unleash the hidden potential of the collective by empowering the individuals and aligning them with each other.

Team coaching is one of the best ways to improve team performance. Modern research on teams shows that collaborating in teams increases motivation, effort, and productivity. Basic Goodness Team Journeys aim at revealing and taking away the hidden internal obstacles that are hindering the team to perform optimally. There is always room for improvement, furthermore team coaching is cost-effective. If you are interested in a better performance of your team, send Atalwin an email or call us. We’ll talk.

Fun, inspiration and change! And affordable too!

Going on a Team Journey with Atalwin is fun, inspiring and transformational. Together with you, our client, we will design an experience that fits the needs of your team. We can create anything between a one-hour ice-breaker and a 9-week leadership course.

Atalwin’s facilitation fee: € 1500,- per day.

Atalwin helped our office of 12 people work on a sensitive cultural issue: the famous east and west contradictory cultures where westerners speak up and in eastern cultures you don’t. Over a time span of a week, Atalwin had three intensive sessions with us where we got to know each other more than in drinking events or at our long weekend company trip. I was amazed how Atalwin was able to keep a flexible agenda only to be filled with what was needed to be done based on what had just happened in our group session.

Atalwin is an open, personable, good guy. He is.

Tom Voûte, CEO Algorithmic Trading Group, Hong Kong

Well, do you want to go on an inspiring inner journey with your people?

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