Warriorlab (Fitness & Health Professionals Only)

Warriorlab gives Fitness & Health Professionals an 100 Day Warrior experience. With this experience and by adopting the Warrior Philosophy you become qualified to train our participants in the future.

Is this you?

You are a fitness professional, a very good personal trainer with quite a bit of experience. You know everything about the physiology of the human body. But you get kind of tired of counting reps for your clients, and frustrated with clients who keep frustrating their progress. You want to make a difference but don’t really know how. You know that spiritual development is important but you haven’t really explored that path yet. The idea of inner peace speaks to you. Contributing to a community that is organized around values like strength, clarity, wisdom and courage sounds inspiring.

And would you like this?

Inner peace, personal growth, more focus, clarity of mind, a sense of purpose, improved relationships with friends, co-workers and loved ones, inspiring clients and to make a difference.

Then we can offer you this:

  • 15 meditation classes on Sunday mornings
    • 13 ‘regular’ sessions
    • session 9 is an amazing 3 day Warrior Weekend Retreat at Landgoed Venwoude*
    • session 15 is a special closing ceremony**
    • a manual
    • guided meditations on mp3
    • a total 50+ hours of meditation training
  • 7 life coaching sessions with Atalwin
  • Invitation to 100 Day Warrior’s Private Facebook Community

The 100 Day Warrior Premium program consists of intense strength training, an intensive meditation course, cardio vascular training, team building, leadership development and strict dietary protocols. You will be closely monitored, guided and supported by a team of professionals.

Costs: €1.750,- (VAT included)

* Meals and lodging at Landgoed Venwoude are not included in the price but all the workshops and others sessions during the retreat are. You will receive a separate invoice shortly before the retreat based on the room you choose (private or shared).

**As a group we can decide to make the closing ceremony into something very special. Two previous groups opted for a parachute free fall, for example. Special extra-curricular activities are not included in the price but the event will be embedded in an extra session, free of charge.


Start and finish

Warriorlab: We start September 9th and we finish December 18th.


The birth of a tribe

After 100 days we have become a very special and inspiring group of talented friends and professionals. We have become a tribe of Warriors. We are the change we envision. Together we have developed the confidence, the courage and the strength to blend our creative and entrepreneurial talent with our wisdom and compassion.  Surely we now possess all ingredients necessary to make truly meaningful contributions to society, don’t we? Now let’s do it.


And? Does this speak to you?

Yes, and I want to know more!