Eps 9: Happy

Digging deep

A sense of fulfilment has entered my body and if I can feel this good after only one session, how good will all of us feel when we are further down the road? I honestly think this is going to work! I am very happy with the group, I am very happy with the trainers and I am so excited about the weeks to come! I am already so immense proud and deeply grateful for all the people who are carrying this journey, both trainers and participants; it almost feels like if my heart wants to explode out of my chest.

Eps 8: The Unseen Tree

Dragon Blood Tree

You can have an experience where you feel a strong connection with nature. It can be very touching and emotional. Some of us have easier access to these frequencies. For me it is rare but I definitely had my share of beautiful and strong experiences. But the point is: the tree was already there. It was just standing there. It had no intention to stir up profound emotions. It was already there and if it was up to the tree I was welcome to see it before. The tree has no preferences. It is not defined by my recognition of its existence. If I spend my life without ever seeing the tree it doesn’t mean the tree never existed. I am just unaware of its existence.

Eps 7: Story Of A Powerful Man

moearaki boulders 3

Frederick was by conventional standards a powerful man. He was a financially successful executive who prided himself on his high ideals. Yet he was unable to really be there for himself, his wife, Claudia, or their two young sons. He was filled with an energy that always pushed him to do more, be better, and focus on the future.

Eps 6: And So There Must Come An End

Charlotte Kitley

I just read this blog post. I think it is particularly powerful and worth reading. Also I feel that this woman deserves to be heard. Charlotte Kitley has been blogging for the Huffington Post UK until she passed away 3 day ago. This was her last blog, published the day after she left us. Only 36 years were given to her and she leaves behind 2 young daughters and a husband. It is a good reminder of our mortality and an invitation to celebrate our existence. to anyone who is not on a Warrior diet: please savour some expensive chocolates and send some good vibes to her mourning family. And if you are on a diet; your love alone will do.

Eps 5: Why You Should Not Worry About Your Thoughts

tunnel of love

How we think about ourselves is key. With the practice of meditation you can train yourself to observe the thinking mind without judgment or interfering. Basically what you will start noticing is that thoughts are some kind of noise. You don’t have to pay attention to it and it is not necessary to respond. You can let the noise be. After some time it becomes really clear that your thoughts have a huge impact on your life, and quite often not in a constructive but in a very limiting way.

Eps 4: The Beauty of Workouts

Wouter having fun

One of the young guns I hired is named Wouter. He has been my housemate too this summer. I just asked him if he had some sort of question because I knew I had this piece of writing coming up. He asked me how I experience training in general. He had a Dutch word for it that I find hard to translate (trainingsbeleving). He refers to the transition of going from everyday mode into ‘the zone’. He feels the excitement and anticipation flowing through his body when his body tells him it is time to hit the gym.

Eps 3: The Human Need for Bravery

Life can take such unexpected turns and it doesn’t matter if you are born in a privileged royal family, are an amazing F1 champion or have model looks. It brings up many thoughts. Do I live in a meaningful way? Am I spending my time wisely? What if I get hit by a car tomorrow? Did Shumi and Friso tell their wifes and children that they were loved before they went skiing that day? I have no idea; I don’t know these guys. I hope so, though.

Eps 2: Accidental Creation of a Dream Job


Now that I think of it, I just realized I created my own dream job! I get to train and meditate with the type of people I find inspiring to be around! Yes way! You probably won’t believe it but this realization is only hitting home right now! I didn’t take the time to see it because I was so entangled in preparing and writing the course, creating a structure, dealing with resistance and adversity and the pressure of finding participants while trying to make ends meet, paying bills and finding a new place to live at the same time.

Eps 1: How A 100 Day Challenge Can Change Your Life

Warriors drink carrot juice

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.. This is what Aristotle said. During the 100 Day Warrior the participants will learn how to take care of themselves in an excellent way, and I hope that 100 days is long enough to create habits and bonds that will last a life time. My participants are amazing, highly motivated, bright (and good looking too). My intuition tells me weird things must happen to make our journey anything less than life-changing.

A Remedy Against A World On fire

MH17 Memorial at Chrash Site

The world is on fire. Three days ago a plane filled with primarily Dutch tourists was shot out of the sky by pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine, a week or so ago Hamas and the IDF went to mini-war against each other and ISIS is doing their best to cause death and destruction in Syria and Iraq. Due to the new function on Facebook to play videos without clicking on them in combination with the many contacts I have in the Arab world and their habit to show death from close up I can now see beheadings and executions first thing in the morning, today combined with dead Palestinian children and the bodies and body parts of my countrymen in a desolate field somewhere in the Ukraine.