Eps 35: Why We Don’t Support Our Friends Too Much On Social Media

Travis Tritt Vagner

We fear judgment by others, loss of social status, failure and and the feeling of being inadequate. Also we fear intimacy and vulnerability. Imagine endorsing all the work of somebody close to you. What do you say next time you see him? You are afraid it will be awkward, right? Perhaps he will start thinking you look up to him, or that your are kissing his ass. We don’t want to give up our position: preferably a superior position but at least somewhat horizontally. Of course this all changes when our friend becomes officially famous. Now our relationship boosts our social status so it is safe to endorse him.

Eps 26: The Practice Of Warriorship Is A Path, Not A Hobby

Shoulder to shoulder

The practice of warriorship is not a part-time hobby, it is a path. The whole point of the 100 Day Warrior is to create a circle of people who have found common ground in their desire to practice human bravery. Warriors support each other unconditionally; there is no judgment and no desire to offer the other anything less then our humanity and authenticity. Therefore the circle will be and must be a safe haven under any circumstance.

There will come a time when the Universe will test us. But when push comes to shove we will not run away. Then we will be shoulder to shoulder, with hearts open and back straight. This way we will find out we have understood something.