Eps 18: A Moment Of Warrior Glory


I went to the gym and trained hard and focused under the guidance of friend and trainer Mike.

When I left the locker room, freshly showered and my body buzzing I walked along the Keizersgracht to my next appointment. This was when my moment came. I felt strong, calm, open, present and aligned. I had the idea that I was 2 centimeters taller than usual. Not because my ego had swollen but because my back felt straighter than normal.

How to Really Get Flat Abs and Inspire the World in 8 Simple Steps (and Have Amazing Sex Afterwards)

Atalwin apres Hypertrophy Camp

Some weeks ago fellow blogger and fellow contributor at Elephant Journal and The Good Men Project Kate Bartolotta rocked the internet with a post called “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps”, harvesting some 96k or so shares on Facebook. And guess what? Her post doesn’t even tell you how to get flat abs! So forget about amazing sex and ruling the world. So I wondered what my newly restored flat abs could teach me. Let me share with you what Kate didn’t: the road to flat abs and inspiring the world with help of Nelson Mandela’s teachings.

Hotel room narcissism meets pretty brutal honesty: the beginning of a journey back to real fitness

Beginning of the journey, January 2012

18 months of traveling took its toll. I lost my routine due to the transient lifestyle but also because of little injuries that I did not know how to address. A hurting wrist prevented me from doing push ups for example. Afraid of doing more damage I stopped doing anything at all. Just an example how a simple fear can paralyze us and have pretty big consequences. I was very fit when I left Amsterdam in January 2012. The last measurement that I had was that my body fat was at 9% and my weight at 89 kg. Now I am 98kg and my body fat is at 25.8%. My lean mass dropped from 81kg to 72.8kg. That means I lost 8.2kg of muscle and gained 17.3kg of fat.