Eps 73: Birthday With Warriors

Birthday with Warriors

Long story short: the night was beautiful on so many levels. I felt really touched and grateful that everybody had come. This was my first surprise party ever and therefore the best one. It was both strange and beautiful to see each other for the first time outside the gym or meditation room since our 100 day journey started. This also meant that for the first time we were completely equal which also meant that nobody had any problem taking the piss at me. I thought it was magical.

Eps 13: Friendship

Boys @ Pitch

I find it interesting that friendships are similar to romantic relationships but then without the romance. I have been deeply in love with a few women in my life and I thought it would never stop. Still, the relationships did not last. But I have friendships where the feeling does seem to last. The relationship is never boring and always interesting, and I never get tired of the jokes we have been making for more than 20 years.