A kindred Warrior

Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world

I just come back from climbing the volcano in the pic. Well.. climbing the volcano.. it was more from the parking place to the first stop and getting exhausted from that little distance. But I was at 4800 meters which is quite high. Now I am back at the hostel and open up my laptop to find out that I just received a donation from ‘a kindred warrior’. Just like that. Somebody who I didn’t even knew he existed reached out to me and gave me his support. It is hard to find words to express what it means to me.

But I will give it a shot.

It gives me hope. And it gives me strength. It gives me the feeling that everything is worth it.

The burrito and the Universe


Last Monday I had my first date ever in the United Stated and pretty much the first date of this whole trip. One of the things we did was having a burrito. So it was not just my first date but also my first burrito. I thought it was the most amazing snack ever. I definitely beats shoarma as a midnight snack. It’s a some sort of monster rap with beans, chicken, sour cream, guacamole and more Mexican shit in it. It was almost a pity that I wasn’t drunk. I am pretty sure that burrito’s taste even better when shitfaced.

Today I decided to go on a new burrito mission

It’s all good

Black panther

The black panther appeared three times in one day. Quite remarkable, don’t you think? What to think of that? My usual response to these miracles is to shrug. It is nice of course but I never had some kind of result or answer. I also feel that if God is trying to so hard to send me a message and He can make black panthers appear in my daily life, why can’t He send me a clearer message? Just a note on the kitchen table would do fine. He knows how thick I am and He should therefore know that I don’t understand what he means with the panthers, especially in this phase of my life (the panther taught me about relationships which doesn’t seem to be relevant at the moment).

The miracle of Tirta Empul

Michael Henskens en Atalwin na het ritueel

Today was again special day. We got up early to go to a sacred place and meditate there. The name of the temple was Tirta Empul and it was about 30 minutes driving with the motorbikes. The idea was to get there before the many tourist filled busses would arrive. But even though we were later than expected we were also a bit too early. We wandered around the complex, feeling a bit lost because there was nothing (no signs, no brochures, no guides) to give us some explanation or direction. So we decided to leave and go find the waterfalls that were mentioned in the Lonely Planet to take a swim.

Thank you


I’m thinking now “what have I learned today?” because it feels that I haven’t learned anything, that I’m merely letting you know I’m just happy. But on second thought I realize that I am harvesting now. I have said before that happines is not something we should strive for, it is a side effect caused by living from the heart. So I guess I’m letting you know that now and then everything falls into place and meditation, writing, yoga, being honest and trying to serve as good as one can lead to having a very beautiful day. And I wish to thank you for that. Because without you, the Universe would be incomplete.

A Sincere Voice

Des Hommes et des Dieux

It is nice to find awareness in unexpected places. In a newspaper, for example. In today’s Volkskrant I found a background story behind a new movie “Des Dieux Et Des Hommes”. It depicts the true story of seven Trappist monks who choose not to flee from their remote Algerian monastery when the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) Muslim order the exile of all foreigners in 1996. The brave monks do not want leave the Algerian villagers behind, with whom they have been living for decades and for who the monastery serves as a hospital. The expected consequence is that they will be killed. And that’s what happened.

In the newspaper article the 73 year old Brother Armand Veilleux is interviewed. This Belgian monk was the last one who saw his fellow monks alive. Now what I would like to share today is not about the movie (although I believe we all should see it) but the words of this monk. He tells the journalist that he was very much against the idea of making a movie about this terrible incident but feels that “the result is excellent”. “It is a very correct vision on what happened there. I think it is wise that the director doesn’t make implications about who killed the brothers. Indirectly, the movie will contribute to finding the one’s who are guilty”.