“I Am Donating A Kidney”


I like to see this blog as a blog about human bravery. Sometimes I share my struggles on how to transcend my own fears and insecurities, sometimes I try to transmit what I have learned along the way and sometimes I share my observations.

Quite recently I have encountered an astonishing example of what I see as supreme bravery and sacrifice. And I can’t seem to get my head around it.

Day 3: Random Things That Made Me Happy Today

cute barista

Just a couple of random things that made me feel happy today:

– I flirted with the barista of the coffee place near to my new work place. And she made me a great cappuccino in return.
– My interior design and branding warriors are helping me with advice how to make my new space into a nice workspace. I feel very grateful for their help.
– My mom helped my pick out curtains (which were approved by the aforementioned design police) and we had fun doing it.
I am receiving very positive feedback from participants who are happy with their trainers. Makes me feel proud of the guys.

Day 1: 100 Day Warrior II: A New Journey Has Started


Today is a special day for me. Today was “The Departure” of the 100 Day Warrior II. During the first cycle we were with six, now we are with nine aspiring Warriors. And what feels even more special to me: our first session was in my own space. Basic Goodness has it’s own studio for coaching, training and meditation. It is quite a step. It feels so.. grown up!

Eps 94: I Really Need A Dream House, Dear Universe. Please Help


Also, dear Universe, I would like my next house to more permanent than the last.. well.. 7 houses I have lived in. It would be really kind of you if you help my find something affordable for Amsterdam standards and if that is not an option please send me lots of lucrative gigs. I’ll promise I will rock them and give all these clients a memorable and valuable experience.

Eps 92: The Best Work I Have Ever Done

Photography by Jay Horton

I missed a beat! Oh no! After 91 days of disciplined posting I missed one. I will make up for it this week, perhaps tomorrow already. Yesterday was great. It was the last meditation class combined with a crossfit inspired workout. Because it was our last formal session I used it to ‘harvest’ insights. I […]

Eps 89: Before You Die, Please Live A Little

Happy dj

Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin himself died in 1790. Assuming that he really said this, it is a quite famous quote, it must have been some time before death. So the observation that most people don’t live their full potential is older […]

Eps 71: Exploring The Meaning Of Service & Sacrifice

100 Day Warrior by Jay Horton

Michael Henskens, my Warrior Brother and co-facilitator put together a very nice workout. He has been teaching all the physical classes to accompany the meditation classes that are taught by me. His assignment is to try to integrate the theme of today into the class he gives. What is so beautiful to observe is that we are all growing and it makes us better as a whole. As a group we are growing closer and everybody starts to understand what warriorship is about.

Eps 46: “That Just Made My Day”

Rainbow over Amsterdam

Fuck. She made me cry again. Only this time in a crowded coffee shop. The relief I felt was amazing. It was very strange to feel limited in the expression of joy. I looked around me with my tear-filled eyes and realized that nobody else’s life had changed so drastically. For them the place was the same as 30 seconds ago, for me it felt totally different. My energy was rushing through my body and I want to jump around and celebrate. Being the whole place a round of coffee crossed my mind. Funny enough I also felt the urge to buy brownies or apple pie or something. It seemed the only way to give myself the feeling that I was celebrating.