13 questions to Nina


Incorporating clean eating and daily meditation into my life wasn’t too difficult for me. What made the journey tough were all the feelings that apparently were hiding underneath the surface of my awareness and I had been trying to avoid unconsciously. I’d best describe the 100 days as a roller coaster of unheard emotions that I suddenly had to deal with. It took a while for me to accept that this was something I had to do if I wanted to go forward in my life.

13 Questions to Bo


The 100 Day Warrior program helped me get more structure in my life. I really found out that you are what you eat and that your body is your temple and you need to nurture it in every way, making sure you sleep enough everyday, eat a lot and eat healthy, stay true to your daily meditation, but most important staying true to your OWN belief system.

Noeska & The Power of Vulnerability


We all have a tendency to hide our vulnerability. To overcome that fear we need courage. We need courage to bridge the gap between what we feel and what we show. We cannot expect the world to know us if we don’t reveal what is truly going on inside us. We can’t even expect to know ourselves if we don’t allow ourselves to explore our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. By developing the courage to open up we create connection with self and others. To become this type of courageous man or woman is what I call a warrior.

Acceptance & Forgiveness: A Day On A Blue Marble

Earth 2

In the end life is already perfect as it is. We are spending time on this tiny blue marble, spinning around its axis, cycling around one of the billions and billions of stars. When we realize that everything happens in this very moment and that we have nothing else than the here and the now we can surrender and bathe in consciousness. But at least for me, this realization comes and goes. Sometimes I feel it clearly, sometimes I struggle. And seen from the bigger picture that is perfectly ok too.

Climbing Back On The Wagon: On How To Overcome Obstacles


The ego is a mighty opponent. I come to this conclusion every day. That thing that we experience as ‘myself’, that thing that manufactures thoughts and feelings and draws conclusions that seem logical and natural but turns out to be quite conditioned by people and circumstances when we take a closer look; that thing doesn’t […]

13 Questions to Karim

Karim Maarek - Teach to Fish

During the first episode of the 100 Day Warrior I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 12 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Karim is the second of the 100 Day warrior II to answer them.

“I Am Donating A Kidney”


I like to see this blog as a blog about human bravery. Sometimes I share my struggles on how to transcend my own fears and insecurities, sometimes I try to transmit what I have learned along the way and sometimes I share my observations.

Quite recently I have encountered an astonishing example of what I see as supreme bravery and sacrifice. And I can’t seem to get my head around it.

Bruising My Face And My Ego Simultaneously: 5 Lessons On Failure And Shame


At home I lie down with an ice pack on my head, contemplating what had happened. I feel humbled and humiliated by the big impact that just a bit of fear can have on the outcome of events. At a glance you could argue that only minor mistakes were made. We shot the video, even though I notified the gym a bit too late the resistance that came up was addressed politely, and I almost lifted a badass weight. But if you look deeper and when I become more honest with myself we can see that there are some deep-rooted patterns at work.

Eps 88: The Ego Is A Tricky Bastard


The ego is a tricky bastard. The ego goes around playing he is you, not only to the outside world but also to yourself. Many people can live a really long time without ever noticing or questioning this. But once you realize the some sort of imposter who tries to steer your vehicle in the way he thinks is best and that his way is not in your best interest al of a sudden the road becomes a lot more slippery.

Eps 77: Of Men And War (And Immoral Use Of Mindfulness)

Of Men and War

In the beginning of the movie one of the vets explains how small he felt upon his return to the United States. It’s an experience shared by almost all the men in the therapy group. When they finally got back home from their tour of duty in Iraq, they were no longer the same men whom their wives had waved off. Almost all of them have horrific tales to tell, some about a friend lost, many about the deaths of innocent Iraqis.