Eps 93: 13 Questions To Arent

Warrior bootcamp gym pics by J (14)

I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Sanne went first, Esther was the second to answer them, then came Tommy. But now hear what Arent’s experience has been so far.

Eps 84: Why A Warrior MUST Speak His Truth


Because, you see, the alarming fact is that any realization of depth carries a terrible burden: those who are allowed to see are simultaneously saddled with the obligation to communicate that vision in no uncertain terms: that is the bargain. You were allowed to see the truth under the agreement that you would communicate it to others (that is the ultimate meaning of the Bodhisattva vow). And therefore, if you have seen, you simply must speak out. Speak out with compassion, or speak out with angry wisdom, or speak out with skillful means, but speak out you must.

Eps 70: Constricting Patterns

Gordian Knot

For many years I have seen my initiatives crumble when common sense would predict they would move to the next stage of their development. I used to attribute this discouraging phenomenon to all kinds of things; from bad luck and laziness to economic crisis, poor salesmanship, lack of talent or a combination of all the above. I have also seen it as the Universe testing my courage, perseverance and resilience.

Eps 52: 9 Things I Would Do If I Would Win The Lottery


Now and then I see something or think of something and sigh because it is out of my reach. And then I think ‘if I would win the lottery I would..’ followed by a quick suppression of the thought because I think it is childish to think in such a way. Also, I find it mildly depressing to realize that I am limited by lack of financial means.

But then there is the other side. And that is if am afraid to be open about these wishes and desires they will definitely not be heard or recognized. You can’t grow a tree if you are afraid to plant the seed.

Eps 50: Courage Is A Love Affair With The Unknown

Courage is a love affair

Being a warrior means identifying your learning edge, accepting it, taking a deep breath and boldly stepping into the unknown terrain with nothing else to hold onto than a vague sense that this is the right thing to do. Your inner coward will come up with excuses, justifications, reasons and alternatives to not have to go there. This way he functions as an excellent guide: he will tell you precisely where you should not go. This is exactly where you should go. Counter-intuitive? Only from the coward’s perspective.

Eps 49: 11 Random Things That Are Awesome

Hippies Kissing

Today I was in a gloomy mood. I felt uncomfortable, dissatisfied and somewhat disheartened. As I was just cooking up a meal, feeling burdened by the idea that I still have to write a post even though it is quite late already and I have to work tomorrow, I decided to write about things that cheer me up. Just random stuff that comes up in the next 15 minutes. Here we go:

Eps 34: Everyday Stupidity


I want to give you two examples of remarkable thickness that happened to me this week. Not sure if there is any wisdom to be found but perhaps it is entertaining.

At the beginning of this week I broke the key of my chain lock. In Amsterdam you need such a lock to attach your bike to a fixed object, like a bridge or a streetlight. It was not the key itself that was broken but the top part so it was like I was holding a thick toothpick instead of a key.

Eps 31: When The Next Step Is Not Clear

Difficult Road

This reminds me of traveling. When I arrived in a new country I would find out that certain things were done in ways so illogical that I just wanted to slam my face against the wall out of frustration. I just couldn’t understand that people could be so stupid to tolerate that particular kind of inefficiency that I was encountering. It took some time and a couple of countries before I could accept that not everybody sees things in the way I see them. And even though there were situations that I never learned to understand I did learn to accept. Acceptance made my life a lot easier.