With a little help from a friend

View from taxi to workshop

One of my goals here in Hong Kong is to work as much as I can so I can create a bit of a buffer for the next leg of my world tour. As I will be leaving the Third World and will be heading towards the First life will become more expensive. The other goal is to do my freaking best to contribute to the transformation of the people I work with. I hope they will benefit and I hope we will form sustainable relationships for the future. The people that I am meeting a quite high up the corporate ladder: if they experience beautiful results in their personal and professional lives the chances that I will receive an invitation to work for their companies will increase. It is my personal wish to be working inside the lion’s den: to spread some awareness in the epicenter of capitalism. That would be some true warrior shit.

Doing Hong Kong

Doing an interview for Hong Kong radio

I am in Hong Kong and I am “going commercial” with my workshops (but will offer free Skype Coaching every Friday, more about that later in this post). It is kind of strange, new, interesting, humbling and exciting. But for some reason it fits: I think I am in the commercial center of the world. And if this is not the center is certainly is one of them. I am the new kid, offering inner peace and courage in a money-driven rat race as a service to those who need it.