10 learnings from my 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat

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No iPhone for ten days. That was enough to scare me. Add this: no talking, no reading, no writing, no snacking, no exercising, no physical or eye contact with anyone around, no sex … and I freaked out. Just enough to be attracted to the idea of conquering this fear and book a Vipassana meditation […]

Want to Learn Something About Yourself Now? Do The Quick Warrior Test


Want to know what it feels like to be a warrior? Dive into the exersizes in this post and evaluate the experience: let thoughts and feelings come up freely after finishing the first question and repeat that evaluation after finishing answering the second question. Then look inside yourself and answer a third question: how do I want to live?

Day 13 (Guest Post) How To Reconnect Your Body And Soul By Eating Real Food

How to reconnect body and soul by eating real food

Over the past two weeks the participants in the 100 Day Warrior program have been making a solid attempt to “reset” their bodies through a diet plan. As a true foodie I have been experimenting with different types of diets and food ideologies throughout my life, making many mistakes and learning many lessons. In this post I would love to share some of my insights and show you what I believe is a healthy path towards soulful eating, by eating real food and listening to your body. This might be interesting for my fellow participants, and for anyone who’s curious how to implement a healthy take on eating into their busy lives.

Day 2: What It Means To Be A Warrior In The Toltec Tradition


In all the shamanic traditions in America, from Canada to Argentina, people call themselves warriors, because they are in a war against the parasite in the mind. That is the real meaning of a warrior. The warrior is one who rebels against the invasion of the parasite. The warrior rebels and declares a war. But to be a warrior doesn’t mean we always win the war; we may win or we may lose, but we always do our best and at least we have a chance to be free again.

We are what we reject


It is our suffering that makes us cause suffering in others. It is our pain that makes us hurt others. We all want the suffering to stop. Some of us think that the suffering will stop if we all obey Allah, some of us think the suffering will stop if everybody can say what he wants. But regulating our belief systems will not free us from suffering and fear. The only thing we can do is challenge our belief systems. I can’t stop others rejecting me and I can’t stop others rejecting others but perhaps I can grow unto a point where I accept myself wholly and completely.

Dreams and intentions for 2015 (and beyond)

Sweden I

Every year my first post of the year contains the exercise that I will show you once again. I take a deep breath and start writing down the dreams and intentions that flow from my heart for 5 minutes, without thinking, without rehearsing and without editing afterwards. Afterwards I often peak at last years post and see if there were dreams that came true and dreams that stayed unfulfilled.

Eps 92: The Best Work I Have Ever Done

Photography by Jay Horton

I missed a beat! Oh no! After 91 days of disciplined posting I missed one. I will make up for it this week, perhaps tomorrow already. Yesterday was great. It was the last meditation class combined with a crossfit inspired workout. Because it was our last formal session I used it to ‘harvest’ insights. I […]

Eps 88: The Ego Is A Tricky Bastard


The ego is a tricky bastard. The ego goes around playing he is you, not only to the outside world but also to yourself. Many people can live a really long time without ever noticing or questioning this. But once you realize the some sort of imposter who tries to steer your vehicle in the way he thinks is best and that his way is not in your best interest al of a sudden the road becomes a lot more slippery.