Letting the dreams out

YFM Academy students share their dreams

We worked together for 2,5 hours, faciltating an experience of openness, connectedness, togetherness, acceptance, space and silence. The willingness of these beautiful young people to plunge into the experience touches me. At the age of 23, I can imagine that me and my friends would sabotage a similar process, thinking that acting rebellious would be the cool thing to do. Working with this group gives me hope. Hope for our planet and hope for the future. I wish them an open heart and a strong back bone on their journey. I wish them the courage to stay true to their hearts when the going gets tough. I hope their bonds grow strong and that they got each others back, supporting each other when facing resistance. And finally, I hope that they will forever keep dreaming and that their dreams will come true; not just for me, not just for them but also for the sake of our planet.

12 simple ways for wholehearted and mindful living

Dude onder de douche

In reality we are not obsessed with doing things right, we are obsessed with the fear of doing things wrong. This fear has a tight grip on us. The way to go beyond this fear is to go beyond right and wrong. So instead of trying to do things the right way (read: evading to do things the wrong way) we can start doing things fully. This way we can add awareness or mindfulness to our lives. We add quality tou our lives and life to our qualities. How? Do mundane things wholeheartedly. No more, no less.

Peace Camp in Amsterdam

Peace Camp Zendo

At this moment, sitting behind my computer, I feel very limited as a writer. How do I find the words to sincerely describe the atmosphere in the room during our weekly Peace Camp sessions? I really don’t know.

Maybe it is better to start with describing what Peace Camp is. It is an hour of meditation followed by a workshop led by myself. The evening is hosted by Michael Henskens, co-founder of Bootcamp Nederland, personal trainer, avid martial artist and former high school buddy. Thus Peace Camp is where Basic Goodness and Bootcamp Nederland meet.

The wounded healer

Bruce Lee

Every now and then you meet somebody extraordinary. I met him in a park in Paris. I was in Paris for a week of zen training at l’Association Dana, the official name of the zen center of my teacher Genno roshi (which is actually just her house that she makes available for students and practice). After the sesshin of last week had finished, I had some time for myself to walk around the city. We met each other in Buttes Chaumont. After coming home in Amsterdam yesterday I decided to write about the fascinating story of my fellow follower of the Way M.