Day 1: 100 Day Warrior II: A New Journey Has Started


Today is a special day for me. Today was “The Departure” of the 100 Day Warrior II. During the first cycle we were with six, now we are with nine aspiring Warriors. And what feels even more special to me: our first session was in my own space. Basic Goodness has it’s own studio for coaching, training and meditation. It is quite a step. It feels so.. grown up!

We are what we reject


It is our suffering that makes us cause suffering in others. It is our pain that makes us hurt others. We all want the suffering to stop. Some of us think that the suffering will stop if we all obey Allah, some of us think the suffering will stop if everybody can say what he wants. But regulating our belief systems will not free us from suffering and fear. The only thing we can do is challenge our belief systems. I can’t stop others rejecting me and I can’t stop others rejecting others but perhaps I can grow unto a point where I accept myself wholly and completely.

Eps 94: I Really Need A Dream House, Dear Universe. Please Help


Also, dear Universe, I would like my next house to more permanent than the last.. well.. 7 houses I have lived in. It would be really kind of you if you help my find something affordable for Amsterdam standards and if that is not an option please send me lots of lucrative gigs. I’ll promise I will rock them and give all these clients a memorable and valuable experience.

Eps 89: Before You Die, Please Live A Little

Happy dj

Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin himself died in 1790. Assuming that he really said this, it is a quite famous quote, it must have been some time before death. So the observation that most people don’t live their full potential is older […]

Eps 87: The Unmistaken Child


I really don’t know what to think of reincarnation. Intuitively I believe in it, rationally I can’t get my head around the idea. But I know that the rational mind is limited and I also know that my intuition hasn’t fully matured yet. I’ve had experiences in meditation that felt like glimpses of past lives […]

Eps 68: Family Constellation Adventure

Family Tree

It works like this: somebody has a question that has either to do with family or a general question around something that it bothering her and seems hard to explain in a conventional way. The underlying assumption is that unresolved trauma can be passed on from generation to generation and lead to symptoms of disease in contemporary family members. Next important assumption is that random participants can connect with the energy of sometimes long deceased family members at will. This is something really mysterious and completely unexplainable from a rational point of view.

Eps 67: Distracted By Desire


I am fortunate enough to know what my calling is and I still get caught up in never ending cycle of desire. Instead of surrendering to my calling I feel dissatisfied and unhappy with the fact that I don’t have a family or a fulfilling relationship. Also I have a tendency to avoid tasks I don’t like too much and expect a lot from things I like better.

Eps 64: Why ‘Super Human’ Is In Fact Natural

Courage - Osho Zen Tarot

For a plant or stone to be natural is no problem. If you take a look at the flower on the card above you can see it grows on a rocky surface. You could say this is a daring and brave thing to do for a flower. Regardless, she does it without fear of judgment or need for approval. She has no problem being natural. But for us there is some problem, indeed a big problem. To be natural is something which we must work on.

Eps 58: Don’t Be Afraid Of Heavy Things. Just Lift It!

Trap Bar Dead Lift I

Walking away from something because it is too heavy is not a very brave thing to do. One of the teachings of the 100 Day Warrior is to not walk away from heavy things. This is where the gym serves as our real life metaphor. You don’t walk away from something heavy! You lift it! And then you feel awesome! You never feel desperate after lifting something heavy. You feel like you conquered something, you feel a sense of achievement and liberation. It feels good.