On Lovers And Leaders And The Importance Of Exploring The Unknown


Yesterday my eye fell on an interesting quote: “One key pattern associated with the development of a close relationship among peers is sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personal self-disclosure.” I don’t know who said it. It was a scientist who researched relationships. If I remember correctly the context was an experiment that was designed by a researcher […]

Day 3: Random Things That Made Me Happy Today

cute barista

Just a couple of random things that made me feel happy today:

– I flirted with the barista of the coffee place near to my new work place. And she made me a great cappuccino in return.
– My interior design and branding warriors are helping me with advice how to make my new space into a nice workspace. I feel very grateful for their help.
– My mom helped my pick out curtains (which were approved by the aforementioned design police) and we had fun doing it.
I am receiving very positive feedback from participants who are happy with their trainers. Makes me feel proud of the guys.

Eps 95: Warrior Training Improves Sex Life (Not Kidding)


There is a small but important difference between the benefits that I expected the 100 Day Warrior would bring to the participants and the benefits that they are experiencing. One of the effects I didn’t foresee is this one: the 100 Day Warrior training will improve your sex life.
Some of my participants have been dropping hints. And apparently they have been dropping their hints also outside of the locker room and the meditation hall at Evolve. Because my phone has been ringing and new participants are signing up.

Eps 89: Before You Die, Please Live A Little

Happy dj

Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin himself died in 1790. Assuming that he really said this, it is a quite famous quote, it must have been some time before death. So the observation that most people don’t live their full potential is older […]

Eps 73: Birthday With Warriors

Birthday with Warriors

Long story short: the night was beautiful on so many levels. I felt really touched and grateful that everybody had come. This was my first surprise party ever and therefore the best one. It was both strange and beautiful to see each other for the first time outside the gym or meditation room since our 100 day journey started. This also meant that for the first time we were completely equal which also meant that nobody had any problem taking the piss at me. I thought it was magical.

Eps 59: My First Piece Of Art

Kiss by Jacob Oue Sobol

One of the photos I bought is the one above this post. According to the photographer the couple is still very much in love. The old man was proud to introduce the photographer to his girlfriend. He is in his nineties, his girl is 10 years older than him. I find the picture upsetting, touching and humbling. I hope to find the woman that I can share my life with and that we will never ever get enough of each other.

Eps 46: “That Just Made My Day”

Rainbow over Amsterdam

Fuck. She made me cry again. Only this time in a crowded coffee shop. The relief I felt was amazing. It was very strange to feel limited in the expression of joy. I looked around me with my tear-filled eyes and realized that nobody else’s life had changed so drastically. For them the place was the same as 30 seconds ago, for me it felt totally different. My energy was rushing through my body and I want to jump around and celebrate. Being the whole place a round of coffee crossed my mind. Funny enough I also felt the urge to buy brownies or apple pie or something. It seemed the only way to give myself the feeling that I was celebrating.

Eps 43: Why Ruthless Compassion Is Needed


Many of us think that compassion is synonymous with being friendly and don’t see how their friendliness is motivated by fear. We believe that we can’t be “mean” or “rude” to others, even if this means supressing our own needs and feelings. We let our boundaries be violated because we like to be a good person so badly. In reality, true compassion has nothing to do with being nice and everything to do with doing the right thing for ourselves and others. And when your compassion is not completely honest, it is not compassion but a lie.

Eps 28: If A Mosquito Can Make A Difference, So Can You


We need to manage our feelings of powerlessness, of being overwhelmed by despair. We do have power, and we should know how to use it to effect change. We have to organize ourselves. Openness and loving speech can work miracles. Every parent, teacher, businessperson, and artist can always do something to encourage collective awakening. Everyone is responsible.

Eps 4: The Beauty of Workouts

Wouter having fun

One of the young guns I hired is named Wouter. He has been my housemate too this summer. I just asked him if he had some sort of question because I knew I had this piece of writing coming up. He asked me how I experience training in general. He had a Dutch word for it that I find hard to translate (trainingsbeleving). He refers to the transition of going from everyday mode into ‘the zone’. He feels the excitement and anticipation flowing through his body when his body tells him it is time to hit the gym.