Eps 81: David Lynch On Meditation

David Lynch

Lately, I am finding it more interesting to expose you to the experiences and perspectives of others than my own. There is a specific clip of David Lynch that I have been looking for but I haven’t found it yet. While searching I found another video of him talking about meditation. I think it can be helpful. He uses an interesting metaphor to explain the added value of expanding your awareness.

Eps 77: Of Men And War (And Immoral Use Of Mindfulness)

Of Men and War

In the beginning of the movie one of the vets explains how small he felt upon his return to the United States. It’s an experience shared by almost all the men in the therapy group. When they finally got back home from their tour of duty in Iraq, they were no longer the same men whom their wives had waved off. Almost all of them have horrific tales to tell, some about a friend lost, many about the deaths of innocent Iraqis.

Eps 76: What The 100 Day Warrior Is About

Kung fu practice during 100 Day Warrior, photography by Jay Horton

Humanity is captivated by fear and desire. We suffer so much from greed and fear of deficit that the less fortunate perish and we damage our planet and physical and spiritual health. You could say our lack of consciousness is sickness. We need to learn to live in a noble, dignified and selfless way. Paradoxically it takes courage to leave our sickness behind and devote ourselves to health and harmony. It takes the attitude of a warrior.

Eps 64: Why ‘Super Human’ Is In Fact Natural

Courage - Osho Zen Tarot

For a plant or stone to be natural is no problem. If you take a look at the flower on the card above you can see it grows on a rocky surface. You could say this is a daring and brave thing to do for a flower. Regardless, she does it without fear of judgment or need for approval. She has no problem being natural. But for us there is some problem, indeed a big problem. To be natural is something which we must work on.

Eps 51: How To Hold On To Inner Peace


One of my warriors had an experience like above. She is thrilled by it. It is beautiful to receive such a gift for the first time. But later in the day that started so beautifully she had some difficult interactions. Her question was ‘how do I hold on to my inner peace?’ This is interesting! The moment we receive some inner peace we want to hold on to it. We want to own it, possess it. Our greedy ego wants to put it in his pocket and write his name on it. Mine! But inner peace it now something that you can own

Eps 47: Who Do You Serve?


If you have a room full of people with an IQ of over 120 why don’t ask yourself how to make the world a better place instead of how to make as much money as possible? Not only because it is noble to not be motivated by greed but because it opens so many more interesting possibilities. Trying to make a difference leads inevitably leads to uncovered and therefore adventurous terrain. Being rich never leads to fulfillment, being useful does.

Eps 38: 7 Benefits Of The 100 Day Warrior (Report After Only 38 Days)


It was the first time since the beginning of the course that I spend some informal time with my participants and it was also the first time that we met as a small delegation of our group. It is funny to see us all drink water while surrounded by beer and wine drinking people. And of course the topic comes on the 100 Day Warrior program and their progress. I could listen to their experiences and was happy with what I heard.

Eps 36: No Such Thing As A Half-Assed Warrior

Tianzi Mountains, China 2

Let me be clear, very few people ever arrive at that place, the place where the coward feels he has to scream. Most of us are comfortably ruled by the coward, he never has to raise his voice and there are no warriors in sight making his life difficult. Let me put it differently: if you don’t know what it feels like to have a terrified coward yelling at you every day he is the one steering your ship.

Eps 25: Keeping It Real – On Developing Authentic Presence

Nelson Mandela

When you think about it the only way to be authentic is to be completely present in the here and now. Only then your behavior will be completely uncontaminated by thoughts about either present or past. Just reflect on the fact how your thoughts are always with you. You might think of holding your belly in because somebody wants to take picture of you and you remember how embarrassed you felt when you where caught off guard a while ago or you might be frowning because you are solving a problem in your head.