Eps 77: Of Men And War (And Immoral Use Of Mindfulness)

Of Men and War

In the beginning of the movie one of the vets explains how small he felt upon his return to the United States. It’s an experience shared by almost all the men in the therapy group. When they finally got back home from their tour of duty in Iraq, they were no longer the same men whom their wives had waved off. Almost all of them have horrific tales to tell, some about a friend lost, many about the deaths of innocent Iraqis.

Eps 17: You Are Living. But Are You Really Alive?

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands at Sunrise

If we learn to come back to the present moment we can find peace and joy. Do you realize that this goes for all us? That is goes for you too? Have you asked yourself how your situation would change if you allowed yourself to practice this principle?

Not only do I deeply feel that it is our birthright to be at peace I also feel that avoiding growth and development is the source of all our suffering. People who are at peace with themselves don’t feel the need to harm others. If you want to make a genuine contribution to humanity the best thing you can do is to devote yourself to finding harmony within. If you are interested I am happy to help.

11 reasons why you should unravel the secrets of your life


Would you like to know what the secret is of living mindfully? Or don’t you even know what that means but you are curious? Do you want to find the doorway to inner peace and feel a Universal connectedness? Let me take you by the hand.

Take an upright position and straighten your back. It can be on your bed, in your chair on the couch or on the floor, wherever you are sitting right now with your laptop, smart phone or iPad. Now relax into this uplifted position, enjoy the goodness of sitting upright and having a straight spine for a couple of moments. This is you being you, feel the simplicity and the dignity of that.

Bali nuisances for the ego


If you are hedonistic or even narcissistic, maybe a bit insecure or have some false feelings of superiority about this or that and you want to leave it that way, then I have some advice for you: don’t go traveling with somebody who is a professional personal trainer who takes his job very serious. Yes, even when on holidays. “But where does this advice come from?” you ask. Well, as a matter of fact I’m making this mistake as we speak. Ok, I learn a lot. But that is about the only upside there is. Let me give you few examples about the hardships I go through.

12 simple ways for wholehearted and mindful living

Dude onder de douche

In reality we are not obsessed with doing things right, we are obsessed with the fear of doing things wrong. This fear has a tight grip on us. The way to go beyond this fear is to go beyond right and wrong. So instead of trying to do things the right way (read: evading to do things the wrong way) we can start doing things fully. This way we can add awareness or mindfulness to our lives. We add quality tou our lives and life to our qualities. How? Do mundane things wholeheartedly. No more, no less.