Eps 95: Warrior Training Improves Sex Life (Not Kidding)


There is a small but important difference between the benefits that I expected the 100 Day Warrior would bring to the participants and the benefits that they are experiencing. One of the effects I didn’t foresee is this one: the 100 Day Warrior training will improve your sex life.
Some of my participants have been dropping hints. And apparently they have been dropping their hints also outside of the locker room and the meditation hall at Evolve. Because my phone has been ringing and new participants are signing up.

3 Pretty Girls Orgasm While Singing

Anna from ADAM

Have you ever tried to sing a song while masturbating? It honestly never even crossed my mind. But the girls of Dutch girlband ADAM tried it and made a video of it. I can imagine them having had a lot of fun during the creative process.

There is a reason why I post this video. I feel it is more than just sexy. I think it is a very brave, vulnerable and humorous idea and therefore inspiring. I think it is both powerful, playful and incredibly honest. Unless they are faking of course but I don’t think they did. The video can also turn out to be a commercial for some vibrator brand, that would be a bummer too. We’ll see. For me this is still a video about female bravery. I hope it stays that way.