10 learnings from my 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat

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No iPhone for ten days. That was enough to scare me. Add this: no talking, no reading, no writing, no snacking, no exercising, no physical or eye contact with anyone around, no sex … and I freaked out. Just enough to be attracted to the idea of conquering this fear and book a Vipassana meditation […]

Discovering real goodness

Discovering real goodness comes from appreciating very simple things

Life is nice. I am talking to my Warrior Brother Mike who turned 40 today. I just posted a girl with a birthday wish on her sexy butt on his Facebook page and we are joking around now. Of course he insinuated that I slept with her by asking if the pic was taken ‘before’ or ‘after’. I told him ‘before’ and that she agreed to come to my ‘studio’ to model for a campaign for Dutch elderly men. It feels good to laugh with my buddies. It makes them feel close. I am very grateful to the internet for that.

The River of Life

Jardín Botánico de Manizales

Tomorrow I will take my first bus in a – I assume – long line of buses. I want to travel from Colombia to Argentina by bus. I am going through all the motions that I know so well. I feel fear of the unknown, I feel fear of failure, I fear the language barrier, I fear to be late, I fear to have my luggage stolen (part of failure), I fear to be bored and I fear to miss out on stuff because I didn’t plan anything. Also I am just afraid of leaving my Colombian apartment were life is safe, predictable and entertaining enough. I have grown attached to the guys that live here and the couch where I sleep.