Beyond The Thoughts Lies Freedom


During the 100 Day Warrior the invitation is to explore the space beyond our comfort zones. The easiest way is to surrender to the program and let the experience unfold. But this is usually not how most of us are wired. We are filled with opinions, expectations and beliefs. So we question and negotiate. The interesting part is to explore why we question and negotiate. We fear influence and negative experiences, we fear what we do not know.

Surrendering to the vine of the soul


I get tired of being heart broken (what is still what I feel like these days). I don’t mean that metaphorically, I mean that literally. I costs me a lot of energy to feel pain, sadness and remorse over and over again. I often wonder if I’m exaggerating or that I’m abnormally sensitive or dramatic. Last week I spent another two full days struggling with facts that my ego finds painful or unacceptable. When I find myself in the middle of the storm it seems impossible to help myself. While my whole body aches, especially my heart (again: literally) the wise words I speak to myself don’t touch base at all. Then at some point, seemingly out of nowhere it flips and I feel space and love coming up.

What I am starting to learn that my experience of life when I’m in a state of surrender is radically different from when I’m in a state of resistance. Unfortunately for me it seems I cannot gently will myself into surrender, I only submit after serious battle. But what I find striking is that the experience I described in the previous paragraph was very similar to the experience I had in the ceremony.