Stick with what is important

Making the decision to promote my workshop singlehandedly ‘in the field’ was a tough one to give birth to. But I did take a bundle of flyers and handed them out to people. It was more an exercise in courage than an effective campaign. It was a bit of a victory and it wasn’t. I learned that promoting a kick-ass party in bars and clubs (like a did many years ago) is a lot easier than promoting a personal growth workshop when people are drinking beers. I also learned that I really want to change this situation and that my short, middle and long term goal is to become a better writer and speaker. I really want to get good at my elevator pitch and I realized that I should make the wisdom of the Way Of The Warrior into a fascinating presentation and not just a workshop. It will allow me to speak to larger audiences. Being on the street doing something that was outside my comfort zone transported me back to the bigger picture. My mission is to contribute to the growth of human awareness. All the awkwardness of my sales attempts did remind me of that. That made me feel very strong.

A Jedi Master Always Shows Up

I call Darryl a Jedi Master in disguise because he says all these spiritual things, probably without knowing how ‘zen’ it is what he says. “Don’t think! Feel!” “Feel what punch you want to throw” “Only throw the punch when you feel it” He points at the stomach area when he says that, suggesting that the wisdom does not come from the mind but from the heart or the gut. Many spiritual teachers would agree. Apart from that he is humble, wholehearted, and generous with his teachings and compassionate enough to hurt you if that will help you understand. His wisdom is available 6 days per week for less than 10 bucks per private class. I had only 2 classes and I admire that guy already. I assume he is a father figure for many punks, young and old.

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Simon’s kitchen

Simon's kitchen

I just finished cleaning up the kitchen of my host Simon. It is kind of a grey day and I felt like doing something but gave myself permission to keep it more or less indoors since I will be on the road for a month or so. So I guessed it would a kind thing to do, to do the dishes. While I was doing the dishes I felt a sense of gratitude and meaning. I feel that perhaps the most important thing to life is caring. Caring seems to be an expression of love and selflessness. There is something holy and dignified about doing the dishes. Every cup and plate gets a bit of attention and bit of warm water. It is thanked for his services and prepared for the next time it is needed.

Enjoy the ride!

Wasted people

I have little time to write but I felt quite inspired so I should give it a try. Why do I have little time? I am in Thailand, on an island called Koh Phanghan. I chilled out at a quiet beach the first day, yesterday I arrived at the yoga school (I had my first classes today). I have a hut on the beach, there is white sand and turquoise water. And there are neighbors too. And my neighbor, who is also in the yoga school, persuaded me to with her to a Black Moon Party (in case you are not on the island during full moon). But since we are yogi’s and healthy and stuff, we are going at 05.00 in the morning. She says that all the wasted people will be gone home, it won’t be crowded, just terrific music and the sun rise. In my experience wasted people don’t even go home when you threaten with sticks and the later you go to a party, the more zombies you see but we will see.

Remembering The Wayfinder

James Baye

I received the news of the death of James Baye. We first met in November 2006 in Salt Lake City. We were both attending the International Big Mind Conference, an intensive month long training under the guidance of Genpo Roshi and Diane Hamilton. I liked him. He was smart, friendly, devoted and funny. But what really struck me was that he told me, literally and straight to my face: “I like you”. I think that it was the first time I heard somebody saying that to me.

James never came back from a small solo retreat he planned for himself. A year ago his father died and he went into nature to commemorate that. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts, memories and the elements, I guess. According to the report his girlfriend received from the Rangers who found him he slipped from a rock during a full moon hike and hit his chest

12 simple ways for wholehearted and mindful living

Dude onder de douche

In reality we are not obsessed with doing things right, we are obsessed with the fear of doing things wrong. This fear has a tight grip on us. The way to go beyond this fear is to go beyond right and wrong. So instead of trying to do things the right way (read: evading to do things the wrong way) we can start doing things fully. This way we can add awareness or mindfulness to our lives. We add quality tou our lives and life to our qualities. How? Do mundane things wholeheartedly. No more, no less.