It’s all about the flexibility

Shaolin Temple

It keeps blowing my mind how the situation changes and changes and changes. I keep wondering if there are people who experience life as linear, who just go from a to b to c. For me it is not like that. But I do feel I am becoming very flexible and I read the signs fast. When the communication came to a halt around the primary location (no response to text messages) I knew I had to make a decision immediately. When the registration didn’t happen I stayed remarkably calm, being able to suspend the decision (and the panic). I must say, in a weird way I am enjoying these lessons.

I have 2 more weeks of Hong Kong ahead of me. I am so curious what will happen. Will I feel like a rock star again? Or will I receive teaching in humility? The openness of not-knowing calms me.

A Real Woman Owns Her Anger (And Her Vulnerability) – A Workshop For Women in NYC (17/3) Help me spread the word!

BG - TGMP Workshop for Women

In January I caused some commotion on the The Good Men Project by defending and explaining the Psycho Bitch From Hell phenomenon. As a consequence we came up with the idea to organize workshops for both men and women. So the plan is to not only teach guys how to become more mature and complete men but also to facilitate a unique full day experience to empower women. Now we need to get the word out. So girls, how do you feel about this:

Would you like to learn how to better balance all your different roles in your hectic life?
Would you like to learn how to be more confident and authentic?
Would you like to understand human emotions (like anger and fear and many others) better and learn how to be less ‘irrational’ but more sensitive?
Would you like to be more accepting of yourself and others?